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Some people would call it a blog, not me though. This is just a place where I keep non-private notes and ideas that someone might find useful. Feel free to leave your comments (if any) in the feedback section or via e-mail.

Ajax Tabs

This is a short tutorial that shows how easy it is to build a responsive tabbed interface with the help of JavaScript. The page itself doesn't reload, only the contents of the chosen block, which adds some flexibility (e.g. you can have background music that doesn't interrupt while browsing the site).

MySQL: Custom MAX() vs COUNT() query

As you might know, GROUP BY is required for all the fields that are not in the agregate function of an SQL query. Well, I spent a couple of hours trying to build a query that would count the number of entries for each ID (user comments) and return a list with the IDs and corresponding COUNT of the ones where COUNT is the maximum. So how do you combine COUNT and MAX together?

Maybe there's a slickier solution, but this is what I came up with after reading someone's tips:

SELECT idx, COUNT( * ) AS num_comments
FROM comments
LEFT JOIN members ON members.idx = comments.uid
HAVING num_comments = (
	SELECT COUNT( * ) AS num_comments_max
	FROM comments AS c
	GROUP BY c.uid
	ORDER BY num_comments_max DESC

Let me know if there's a better approach, and I'll update this page.


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