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What is NiXtats?

NiXtats is a user friendly web based application for mobile phones and smartphones (tested on Nokia phones, BlackBerry and iPhone) that allows keeping track of all kinds of statistical data originated from various web pages. The idea is to parse dynamic pages from 3rd party web resources and present only the valueable data in a nice tabbed interface.

Selected numerical data is not only displayed, but also recorded in the server side DB for statistical purposes, such as drawing graphs for an easier overview of the historical averages. Needless to say, everything is kept private, each and every retrieved value, configuration settings and user information are saved separetly for each user and can only be accessed after logging in successfully.


The app has been designed with support of plugin system. Writing a plugin is very simple: all you need to know is how to edit a text configuration file and basic idea of using regular expressions. Each plugin is evaluated by the back end on start up (takes less than 0.001 seconds without caching, and even less if server supports caching) and then tries to retrieve the requested data.

Future Plan

The biggest anticipated feature is to support downloading of graphics. In current implementation if a plugin needs to display an image, it must come with a set of predefined pictures/icons and display them based on the values of particular data fields. The objective is to allow specifying conditional URLs for images to be downloaded and cached automatically. This would guarantee that plugins would still support the predefined set of images, but also be able to automatically download the requested images and hence keep the app looking fresh and synchronized with the originating web resource.

How to Get Access to NiXtats

This application is in current development. I have tested most of the features thoroughly on a Nokia n70 and BlackBerry Curve, however there are still a few features and plugins to be tested and debugged. The complete version of this application is planned to be launched by the end of this spring (i.e. by June 2009). Please stay tuned and let me know if you have any recommendations, questions and/or concerns.

If you would like to gain access to this app right now, please drop me an email or leave me an SMS message and I'll create you a special account and provide necessary instructions on how to start using NiXtats before the official release.


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