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Please send me an e-mail (at enby2005@gmail.com) if you'd like to get a more detailed, printer friendly copy of this resume.

Resume summary

Interested in:

  • Software development
  • Database design and management
  • Web development
  • Scripting, user interface
  • Linux server administration


  • Excellent OOP skills (Java, PHP, Object Pascal)
  • Developing MVC applications
  • HTML, CSS - "Web Portfolio" has examples of my work using HTML and CSS
  • Experiense with W3C standards
  • PHP, JavaScript - core developer for Giftah.com, FindMeSignMe.com
  • Experiense with popular JavaScript libraries - jQuery, ProtoType (with Scriptaculous)
  • Java - successfully completed a number of complex university projects, including custom parser and server/socket software
  • Familiar with popular Linux distributions (Gentoo/Ubuntu/SuSE/Fedora Core/Mandriva); familiar with configuration process for the server use
  • Experience with Apache server administration
  • Database manipulation (SQL), creating and understanding of E-R diagrams
  • Experiensed with other OSs: MS Windows XP/2k/9x, MS DOS
  • Office software: MS Office 98/2000/2003/2007, OpenOffice.org 2.x/3.x, KOffice
  • Graphics: GIMP, Photoshop (up to CS), Kivio, Dia
  • Development tools: KDevelop, Eclipse, Kate, Quanta+, Borland Delphi

Work experience

  • FindMeSignMe.com (Yipehype Inc) - core/lead developer since October 2007
  • Giftah - co-founder, core developer
  • Healthy Weights - developer (May 2008 - September 2008), IT consultant (May 2008 - now)
  • Local network installation/troubleshooting support agent: Arvato Services (May 2007 - September 2007)
  • Freelance web template designer and HTML/CSS coder: 6+ years of experience
  • Freelance PHP developer: integration into existing CMS and writing custom software, 4+ years of experience


  • Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, Math Faculty

Hobbies and Extracurriculars

  • Developing of custom highly extendible plugin based web site framework (currently used by Giftah.com)
  • Past time programming
  • Jogging
  • Long distance biking, soccer (former member of intramural team), boxing
  • Digital landscape vs HDR photography
  • Languages: fluent in English, Spanish and Russian


  • A list of references is available upon request

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