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Web portfolio

My web portfolio started in high school, ever since I've always been interested in web development, cross-browser compatibility and portable web applications. At early stages I was doing the easy job - converting images into web templates. Then I learned some basics about web design and graphics manipulation programs (Photoshop vs GIMP) and was able to create some templates of my own.

The fun part started after learning web programming. JavaScript was a nice start, but it didn't provide any server side interaction, that's when I found out about Perl. To be honest, the syntax was a bit confusing, so were all the books that I came across, so I switched to PHP vs MySQL... Now, in the light of all the uncertainty of MySQL's future, I'm thinking of switching to PostgreSQL :S

Recent projects


These are a number of screen shots of the templates I created. Some of the templates have been slightly redesigned by others (graphics work), but most of them are original. I'm not sure where they might be used today, because they were created for a reseller company. However, I keep the right to sell the copies of some of them (those that are "available") - that's the reason why the HTML/CSS source code is not posted publically :)

Also, please don't mind the fact that the majority of them are not in English. It's the design that's important, text can always be changed...


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